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Frontline Pharma Consulting welcomes enquiries from potential new clients worldwide.

Our focus is on the EU and the US, and most current clients are based in these regions.

The current focus for Dr Eisen's work relates to EU Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs Strategy and Troubleshooting for all types of products and in all therapeutic areas.

Dr Eisen is a former UK and EU regulator with experience of clinical research leading to sucessful marketing Authrisation Applications for a wide variety of products.  He has over 20 years experience in senior roles in industry and drug regulation.

For the past 5 years before starting his consulting practice Dr Eisen was Chief Medical Officer for Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe responsible for all medical aspects of product development and market support for innovative, generic and biosimilar products.   He represented Teva at the EBG (EGA Biosimilars Group manufacturers trade association) from 2005 – 2011, and was elected as vice chairman of this EU biosimilar companies trade association in 2006 and chairman of the group in 2008.  As a consequence Dr Eisen has a special interest in biosimilars products and product development, but also covers mainstream pharmaceutical products.